Chito says latest scandal won’t break him and Neri apart!

MANILA, Philippines - Talks have been swirling about an alleged “Part 2” of the video scandal of Chito Miranda and Neri Naig.

According to reports on Monday, Sept. 30, the said part 2 of the scandal was uploaded in a Facebook page.

It could be remembered that two months ago, the Parokya ni Edgar lead vocalist and his actress girlfriend faced a controversy after their sex video was uploaded online.

Chito then explained that his hard drive was stolen, and the videos could have been uploaded by the one who stole his device.

The band vocalist said on his Instagram that while he does not care what other people say about him, he does care what they say about Neri. Chito also posed a question to those who bashed the actress online: “What do you do on your spare time aside from bashing helpless girls on the internet?”

Chito added, “Whatever it is, I honestly hope it makes you happy. Me and my girlfriend are NOT saints obviously (me, being very far from it), but she is a good person and those who really know her, know that she is.”